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How should Virginia motorists respond to an aggressive driver?

Although some accidents are caused by factors that individual drivers cannot control - such as weather conditions or vehicle failure - the majority of car accidents are caused by the drivers themselves. Negligence is the most common form of driver action that results in car accidents; a negligent driver can easily cause injury or even death. However, recklessness and aggressive drivers are also common causes of motor vehicle crashes.

Man suffers serious car accident injuries after hit-and-run

Accidents involving automobiles are common through Virginia because it is easy to get distracted while driving, make poor decisions, have obstructed vision, etc. Unfortunately, many car accident injuries are quite severe and require emergency medical care and extensive treatment, care and rehabilitation afterwards. This kind of medical treatment is not inexpensive and, when compounded with an inability to work while recovering, can cause victims of car accidents severe financial hardship. This will likely be the case for an unfortunate victim of a car accident in Arlington, Virginia.

What should I do immediately after an auto accident?

Many Virginia residents may know that certain steps should be taken after an auto accident without knowing exactly what those steps are or why they are important. For victims of a car accident who decide to file a car accident claim, however, knowing what to do and actually doing those things can make a significant difference in the potential success of a claim or lawsuit against the at-fault driver.

Rear-end collision in Virginia kills 1 and injures 4

A devastating auto accident can occur in the blink of an eye. There is almost no limit to the ways that a collision can be caused. While some of the accidents that result are relatively minor fender-benders, other car accidents can cause very serious injuries or even fatalities.

Fatal car accident in Virginia kills 2 sisters

When Virginia residents enter their vehicles to drive from one place to another, they have no idea what they will meet on the way. They cannot predict weather conditions, the quality of the roads, whether construction is taking place, or whether other drivers will act negligently or recklessly. All of these things can, unfortunately, lead to serious car accidents, which often have profound and lasting impacts for victims and their families.

Fatal six-car accident in Virginia still under investigation

Because there are so many vehicles traveling Virginia's roadways, one driver's actions can easily create a domino effect of problems for other drivers. It is in this way that an auto accident that initially only involves one or two vehicles can turn into a deadly multi-car pileup. While it can be difficult to make the determination of fault in any car crash, the investigation can be even more complicated when several different cars and drivers are involved.

Two cars and several elderly people involved in Virginia crash

Statistics commonly state that teenagers and young adults are more likely to be involved in traffic accidents than other drivers, probably due to their inexperience and tendency to be distracted. Another common statistic involves elderly drivers, who are also more likely to be the cause of an accident due to slower reaction times, vision impairment, physical limitations and other factors. Regardless of whether car accidents are caused by inexperience, advanced age, or other reasons, the driver responsible for the crash can be held legally responsible when someone suffers physical injury or property damage as the result of a crash.

Virginia woman involved in two car accidents in a single night

Being stranded on a roadway can be very dangerous for Virginia residents because drivers are not accustomed to looking for pedestrians and may fail to see them before it is too late. Drivers have a responsibility to be aware of their surroundings and drive in a safe manner, however, regardless of whatever unexpected thing may be on or near a roadway. When people suffer car accident injuries as the result of being hit by a vehicle, the driver of that vehicle can be held liable for the injuries and damage suffered.

Driver fleeing police causes fatal car accident in Virginia

After an accident, police commonly make determinations of fault and decide whose actions were the primary cause of the accident. Being named the at-fault driver, however, does not always mean that the driver intentionally acted negligently or consciously acted in an unsafe way. In many situations, an accident is simply the result of an unfortunate convergence of circumstance. Other car crashes are different, though, and are directly the result of a driver's reckless and dangerous actions. When police issue citations or make an arrest in these cases, those facts can be relevant and useful in a personal injury lawsuit and often warrant compensation beyond what insurance companies are willing to provide.

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