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What is a traumatic brain injury?

Many people may have heard of traumatic brain injury and wondered what it is. They may also wonder what traumatic brain injuries have to do with car accidents. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) have been labeled a serious public health problem by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Virginia Heads Up Football programs aim to reduce brain injuries

The lasting effects of Virginia brain trauma are becoming more and more known and understood as the medical field continues to study the issue. The issue has especially been emphasized in relation to youth sports, most notably football and other high-contact sports. Because of the real and documented possibility for brain injuries, especially repeated injuries, to cause permanent disability and other significant long-term problems, many youth sports have been investigating ways to minimize the risk.

Proving negligence after a truck accident

Even though many truck accidents, especially those involving a collision with a smaller passenger vehicle, are severe and catastrophic, this does not necessarily mean that the other party involved in the accident who suffered damages as a result of the accident will be able to recover damages in a personal injury lawsuit. There are many different potential causes for a truck accident beyond a negligent or unqualified truck driver. For this reason, if someone is injured during a truck accident and believes the other party to be at fault for the accident, he or she must prove the negligence of some party that has legal liability.

We are your allies if you have suffered a brain injury

A head injury is often one of the most significant life events that a person can experience. Suffering a brain injury is often completely unexpected and can occur numerous different ways: a fall, a car accident, other forms of impact, or negligence in medical care and treatment. Brain injuries have the potential to be so devastating because they can result in serious emotional issues, loss in cognitive abilities, personality changes, coma, memory loss, seizures or even death.

Truck crash involves 2 large trucks, results in fatality

Because of their especially large size and weight, tractor trailers and other large trucks pose a particular danger on the roadways in the event they are involved in a crash. For this reason, truck drivers and the companies who employ or contract with them are expected to exercise reasonable care and follow safety standards in an effort to prevent a truck crash. Even relatively easy-to-fix problems, like defective auto parts, can result in serious or fatal accidents, as recently occurred in Virginia.

Collision between FedEx truck and school bus injures two

Large semi trucks involved in interstate commerce and the large-scale transport of goods can be found on nearly every type of roadway. They are frequent travelers on major interstates and highways, as well as on smaller neighborhood or downtown streets. Because of the sheer number of these types of vehicles and the difficulties involved with driving them, truck accidents are common occurrences.

Virginia schools buy new helmets to prevent risk of brain injury

More and more research has surfaced lately regarding the dangers of trauma to the head. Head injuries are common concerns for children, the elderly, athletes and those involved in car accidents or other serious falls. A brain injury can be an incredibly debilitating injury that often requires extensive treatment and long-term care, especially if symptoms go unnoticed and treatment is delayed for a significant period of time. For this reason, many coaches and sports teams are doing what they can to reduce the risk of a head injury occurring in the first place.

Truck collides with six vehicles at Fairfax gas station

Large trucks and tractor trailers are an important part of interstate commerce. Due to their role in transporting all kinds of goods and cargo across the country, they are commonly seen on Virginia's roads and highways. Unfortunately, it is all too common to hear of a truck crash. When a truck accident occurs, the amount of damage and harm that results is often quite significant because the size and weight of such vehicles creates a greater impact.

Woman killed as a result of truck crash

Tractor trailers and large trucks are an important part of interstate commerce. As a result, they are frequent travelers on Virginia highways and roadways. Unfortunately, these large trucks are commonly involved in a truck crash or collision. Because of the size and weight of these vehicles, as well as the speed at which they travel, fatal or serious injuries frequently result.

High risk of brain injury and concussion in girls' soccer

As high school sports become more and more competitive and intense, both in Virginia and across the country, the risk of suffering real injury while playing these sports increases. The risk of brain injury in sports like football, hockey and soccer continues to be covered by news media as more medical research comes to light on the risks and effects of concussions and other brain injuries.

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