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Posts tagged "Truck Accidents"

Jury returns $37 million verdict against tire manufacturer

Cars and trucks have many parts whose failure can have catastrophic consequences. One such part is a tire. The tire must provide traction and shock absorption and must be durable enough to withstand thousands of hours of driving. An alleged tire failure on a cement mixer truck has led to a Virginia jury returning a verdict of $37 million against the tire's manufacturer. A manufacturing defect caused the tire to collapse, and a severe truck accident was the result.

Bus carrying college sports team rolls over, driver arrested

Buses and semi-trailer trucks are common sights on Virginia's roads and highways. Both are large vehicles that travel at high speeds. Thus, the competence of the drivers is vital to the safety of passengers and other vehicles. A recent bus and truck accident in Pulaski County involving a college basketball team provides a reminder of how a few moments of inattention by a bus or truck driver can have devastating consequences.

Box truck hits school bus carrying five students

School buses in Virginia are equipped with several devices intended to warn motorists when the bus is stopping or stopped. These devices include bright flashing red lights and warning signs that project from the side of the bus. The driver of a box truck in King George County appears to have ignored all such devices and smashed into the rear of a school bus carrying five students.

Driver killed after car ricochets off concrete barrier

One of the most common sights on Virginia's streets is the concrete traffic barrier. These barriers -- called jersey walls due to the location of their invention -- are intended to separate traffic lanes, reduce the force of impacts and prevent vehicles from abruptly changing lanes after hitting the wall. Unfortunately, a jersey wall on a street in Springfield, Virginia, may have partially caused a recent fatal collision.

Big rig collision starts 7-vehicle chain reaction

Anyone who has traveled the Interstate Highway System has seen two semi-trailer trucks driving abreast as one attempts to pass the other. The two trucks occupy almost the entire roadway, leaving little margin for error. A truck accident involving two big rigs near Pulaski, Va. was the beginning of a seven-vehicle accident that injured four people.

Three-vehicle accident injures police officer, three drivers

Police officers work hard to clear away debris from accident scenes and to get traffic moving again. Occasionally, however, officers find themselves in the path of a moving car or truck after the jam is cleared, and they become casualties of the crash. A recent car and truck accident in Fairfax County near the intersection of Route 28 and Interstate 66, in addition to injuring the three drivers, injured a Fairfax County police officer who was directing traffic after the major accident debris had been removed from the scene.

Tractor trailer fatality re-ignites debate about safety guards

Semi-trucks traveling at freeway speeds constitute a significant safety hazards for smaller automobiles. Occasionally, even when fully stopped, big rigs can be a significant safety risk. A truck accident in Fairfax County involving a semi-truck and a sedan demonstrates the safety hazards posed by big rigs and has re-ignited a debate about the need for crash protectors on the rear ends of these large vehicles.

Semi driver blamed for fatal multi-vehicle accident

The driver of a semi-truck appears to have been the cause of a six-vehicle collision near Fredericksburg, Virginia, that resulted in one fatality. The truck accident injured several people and killed a woman as they were waiting for a traffic light to change.

Accident reconstruction, black boxes help police understand crash

Traffic accidents can occur in the blink of an eye. The task of understanding how and why an accident occurred often requires the technical sophistication of forensic experts and event data recorders. This blog recently explained the techniques of accident reconstruction used by Virginia law enforcement officers, and the conclusion of a recent accident investigation provides a useful example of how the two techniques were used to understand the sequence of events in a deadly truck accident.

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