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Sleepy driver kills veterinarian, faces manslaughter charge

Traffic accidents that result in death or serious bodily injury often involve both the civil and criminal legal system. A recent car accident on Route 50 near Middleburg, Virginia may result in a civil claim for damages and criminal prosecution of the driver believed to have caused the accident.

Car wash worker dies in chain reaction accident

Sorting out liability in a multi-party accident can often be a critical but difficult task, especially if the mishap involves an employer and employee. The recent death of a worker in a freak multi-car accident at a Northern Virginia car wash shows how complex this analysis can be.

Inside a car accident investigation

Many newspaper articles about traffic accidents in Fairfax County and elsewhere end with the statement "The cause of the accident is still being investigated." Accident investigations serve many purposes, from providing evidence in criminal cases to helping crash victims recover damages. Car accident investigations are often referred to as "accident reconstruction." What, exactly, can be reconstructed after two vehicles collide and cause significant damage to each other?

Driver charged in accident that killed VDOT contractor

Virginia drivers often see warning signs, orange pylons, barriers and other devices intended to protect road workers from being struck by passing vehicles. In an ironic twist, a worker hired by the Virginia Department of Transportation to set up such barriers was killed in a car accident by a driver who says she took her eyes off the road.

Attempt to re-connect trailer leads to driver's death

Attempting to fix a malfunctioning automobile while the car is stopped in the traffic lane of a highway can be very dangerous, even deadly. In a recent car accident involving an attempt to repair a disabled trailer, a Virginia man was killed as he was trying to re-attach a utility trailer to his pickup truck while it was stopped in the northbound traffic lane of Route 460 in Sussex County.

The effect of contributory negligence on auto accidents

Many Virginians who are injured in traffic accidents believe that they have an absolute right to recover damages from the party who caused the accident. This belief is based on the concept of "negligence," which allows a person who suffers an injury because someone else was negligent, i.e., failed to use due care. This belief, unfortunately, is incorrect.

Alcohol may have played role in fatal multi-vehicle crash

Virginia State Police are trying to sort out the events that led to a three-vehicle collision that killed three people in Sussex County. After completing their investigation of the scene, police believe that alcohol may have played a significant role in causing the car accident.

Driver found and arrested after fatal hit-and-run accident

Hit-and-run accidents are crimes, and they can cause excruciating heartbreak to the victims or the victims' families. The pain resulting from the inability to identify or, if appropriate, sue the driver who caused the accident can be partially ameliorated if the fleeing driver is apprehended. A recent fatal car accident on I-66 in Fairfax County may have had an unsatisfying outcome but for the sharp eyes of a witness.

Coast Guard member killed in DWI accident

Fatal traffic accidents that involve alcohol always have an especially harsh emotional impact on the victim's family. A recent car accident near Virginia Beach which killed a U.S. Coast Guard Technician abounds in painful irony that will haunt the victim's family for many years.

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