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Truck Accidents Archives

Are truck drivers' hours regulated?

Anyone working long hours without sufficient resting time in between workdays would get tired and truck drivers are no different in that respect. Many may think that since they are driving and sitting all day long, they are not bound to get as tired, but this is not the case. Just like any other occupation, fatigue can lead to a delay in assessing situations and responding slowly. However, unlike other occupations, a truck driver is operating heavy machinery that can turn deadly if not operated properly.

Fatal Virginia truck accident results in deaths of three victims

Truck accident victims should be familiar with the different resources and protections available to them. Virginia authorities are investigating a recent fatal truck accident. The truck accident occurred between a tractor trailer and a passenger vehicle. Those investigating the truck accident reported that the semi truck was travelling southbound when it crossed the center line and struck a passenger vehicle traveling northbound. The semi truck overturned due to the force of the truck accident.

What should I know about distracted driving truck accidents?

Distracted driving involves the diverted focus of a driver from the roadway and safe driving activities towards activities unrelated to driving. Distracted driving increases the risk of a car or truck accident occurring. Driver distraction includes anything that removes the driver's attention or eyes from the roadway and can include distractions inside the cab of a truck or outside of it. Focusing on the road is important for the safety of everyone sharing the roadways.

Common reasons truck drivers contribute to truck accidents

There are many potential causes of a truck accident. From speeding drivers, to unsafe road conditions, to defective auto parts, there is no single source behind a Virginia truck accident. Frequently, specific behaviors of truck drivers lead to an accident, and some of these actions are more common than others in contributing to truck accidents.

Virginia attorneys answer truck accident victims' questions

Most Virginians are likely not well-versed in the potential legal ramifications of a truck accident. They will, of course, hope to never be involved in an accident and, therefore, likely know little about how to proceed legally if they find themselves involved in a semi truck accident.

Lack of sleep may lead to 18-wheeler accidents in Virginia

Many truck drivers travel through Virginia during nighttime hours. Truck drivers may travel on overnight shifts or keep odd working hours to avoid heavy traffic during the day, which may be convenient for them, but can result in the major problem of truck driver fatigue.

Study reveals significant harm caused by truck accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has released a report that details the significant impact that truck accidents have on drivers and passengers on the nation's highways. The report contains a tremendous amount of data and reveals some trends that might interest Virginians as they travel along the state's highways.

NTSB points to key safety measures to reduce truck accidents

Large commercial vehicles travel Virginia's highways every day, transporting everything from fruits and vegetables to books and gasoline. While they provide a valuable service, tractor-trailers also pose the risk of causing deadly truck accidents. With that in mind, the National Transportation Safety Board has published a list of several leading safety issues that it wants to draw attention to with the goal of reducing future accidents. Many of these transportation issues are particularly relevant for truck drivers and the trucking industry.

Settlement may offer advantage for truck accident victims

A Virginian who has been injured in a traumatic truck accident may opt to pursue legal action. Whether against a truck company or a negligent truck driver, or both, a lawsuit can provide a number of benefits to a victim following a serious truck accident.

Our attorneys represent Virginia car and truck accident victims

Most drivers know that when they get behind the wheel of an automobile they must pay attention and drive carefully. There are, however, some negligent motorists on the roads, both truckers and automobile drivers, who do not take proper precautions. Such reckless individuals have the potential to cause dangerous multi-vehicle accidents, as this blog reported in a previous post.

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