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Products Liability Archives

Truck accident kills two in Virginia

Losing someone in a sudden accident can be devastating for not only the family members of the accident victim, but also for all those who knew or came into contact with the victim. When the victims are young children, the loss is felt across the whole community and it can take time before a family is able to come to terms with their loss. One of the ways family members can get closure is by holding the negligent parties responsible for their actions that caused the accident.

Is a product warning ever insufficient?

We rarely read product warnings when we purchase something from the market, but that does not absolve the manufacturer from their legal obligation of providing warnings to the public even if their product does not have a design flaw and was manufactured properly. A product will still be considered defective when the foreseeable risks posed by the product could have been reduced or avoided by providing reasonable instructions and the omission of those instructions makes the product unsafe. This means that if a manufacturer releases a product without instructions, they could be liable for the injuries that result.

147,000 defective power adapters recalled by major retailer

The harm that can be caused by a defective product can be significant. Retailer Barnes & Noble recently recalled power adapters sold with Nook tablets due to the risk of a potential shock hazard. Approximately 147,000 units are impacted by the recall. The casing of the power adapter can break when the power adapter is plugged into an electrical outlet which can expose the metal prongs of the power adapter, causing the risk of an electrical shock.

Sufficient products warnings are oftentimes required for safety

This blog recently discussed the potential harm dangerous and defective products can cause children. Children can be harmed by products in a variety of different ways, including because of insufficient warnings. Even when a product has been properly manufactured and designed without any flaws, if it is without sufficient warnings, it may be considered defective. A product can be considered defective if it fails to provide sufficient warnings concerning foreseeable risks of harm that could have reasonably been avoided with sufficient warnings.

Dangerous children's products should be reported

Doctors regularly caring for children are some of the first to become aware of defective children's products. Pediatricians can report concerns they may have related to product safety which is one method of protecting children from potentially dangerous children's toys. Physicians, consumers and parents all have the ability to report dangerous or defective children's products or toys to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Important things to know about recalled airbags

Products liability law is in place to protect consumers from defective and dangerous products such as defective auto parts. The tally for the Takata airbag recall includes 42 million vehicles and 69 million airbag inflators that will need to be replaced. The airbags can explode and spew shrapnel, harming victims. The defective airbags have caused approximately 11 deaths in the United States, along with 180 injuries in the U.S. and deaths internationally as well.

Defective off-road vehicles recalled by manufacturer

Products liability is an area of the law designed to protect consumers when harmed. The manufacturer of off-road side-by-side vehicles recently recalled the vehicles due to the potential for the vehicles to lose steering control which can result in a potential crash hazard. The steering rack and pinion assembly of the vehicles has an improper amount of grease which can lead to a loss of steering control and potential crash hazard. The manufacturer received 33 reports of incidents involving intermittent or complete locking of the steering.

Women brings lawsuit after defective airbag injures her

A woman injured when her airbag exploded during a traffic accident recently brought a lawsuit against Takata, the manufacturer or the airbag, and the maker of the car, Honda Motor Co. The 42-year old woman was injured when the airbag in her 2002 Honda Accord exploded following a low-speed collision. According to the lawsuit, upon impact from the accident, the ammonium nitrate in the airbag detonated which caused the inflator in the airbag to fragment and forced metal shrapnel through the airbag. The shrapnel struck the victim in her chest and arm which caused her to suffer severe lacerations. It was not clear if the woman's car had been recalled.

Product recall affects beef, bison, veal products

Few Virginians have the time, physical space or interest in growing and producing all of the food they consume. Therefore, Virginians rely on food products grown by local producers or major national companies to feed themselves and their families. Unfortunately, however, sometimes these products are unsafe and can cause illnesses without warning.

Attorneys help Virginians injured by defective products

When a Virginian has been injured by a defective or dangerous product, he or she may know without a doubt that the product caused his or her individual injury. Such an event may lead to a Virginian being able to recover damages for the injuries he or she has suffered via a products liability lawsuit.

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