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Is Facebook a cause of divorce in Virginia?

There are a great number of factors that can lead to divorce for married couples here in Virginia. Because Virginia law allows both fault and no-fault divorce, couples do not always have to pinpoint, in their divorce filings, the exact reasons for ending their marriages. In some cases, however, it may be wise to assert fault against one's spouse during divorce proceedings.

When a wedding is called off, who keeps the ring?

Virginia residents who have called off a wedding at some point may have dealt with the sticky issue of who keeps the engagement ring. Some people might think that even if a wedding is canceled, the ring-receiver should keep the ring because it was a gift. Others say the giver should get the ring back because he or she purchased it. Another argument might be that whoever pulled the plug should allow the other party to have the ring. And what about when a couple does go through with the wedding, but then files for divorce? Who gets to keep the wedding rings after divorce?

Confronting issues in divorce cases

Clients are always overwhelmed as they contemplate a divorce. After all, divorce affects the most important aspects of the person's life. Most importantly it affects their children, their homes, their money and all of the relationships they have established during the marriage. When a client seeks out a divorce attorney they need guidance and the assurance that the attorney will guide them through the quagmire. The attorney should try to demystify the process by explaining the issues which need to be decided before a final order of divorce can be entered by the court. What are the issues to be resolved? 

Innovative program seeks to boost child support collection

Child support collection can be a contentious issue. Many parents who don't have custody are notoriously bad at paying it. This phenomenon isn't unique to fathers, though the term "deadbeat dad" is now a well-worn phrase in the American lexicon.

Divorcing with a family business: What are your options?

According to the Census Bureau's data from 2007, approximately 3.7 million businesses are family businesses owned by spouses. Considering that more than 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, it shouldn't be surprising that deciding what to do with a family business during divorce is a common problem.

Using the SCRAM Bracelet in a Domestic Context

All domestic attorneys are occasionally confronted with clients that seem to have all the facts stacked up against them. Whether it's a client that has committed adultery or has been convicted of domestic assault, domestic attorneys are often faced with difficult job of minimizing the damage and downplaying the weaknesses of their own case. There is now a tool for one particular case that often arises in the domestic context.

CHILD SUPPORT MODIFICATIONS: Court-Approved and Self-Executing

For most parents who are obligated to pay child support, there will likely come a time that the amount of child support they are obligated to pay will need to be revisited. There are many examples of circumstances that may give rise to a child support modification-involuntary reduction in income, emancipation of a child, changes in visitation-to name just a few. It is important to be aware of the law regarding child support modifications and how to ensure that the modifications are enforceable and valid.

Financial Consequences of Post-Separation Adultery by Andrew R. Tank, Esq.

It is not uncommon for a family law attorney to hear something like the following question from a client: "Now that my [spouse] and I have separated, is it ok for me" The questioner likely knows that adultery that occurs prior to separation can have negative consequences, but what about post-separation? Because the marriage is over anyway, post-separation adultery might not feel morally as bad as pre-separation adultery. But what does the law say?

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