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March 2018 Archives

Fairfax family struggles with daughter's brain injuries

A life-altering brain injury can be inflicted by events that last only seconds, but the consequences often stretch into the indeterminate future. A Fairfax County family is learning these lessons day by day as their 12-year-old daughter struggles to recover from brain injuries that she suffered in a violent accident that was the end result of a high-speed police chase.

Bus carrying college sports team rolls over, driver arrested

Buses and semi-trailer trucks are common sights on Virginia's roads and highways. Both are large vehicles that travel at high speeds. Thus, the competence of the drivers is vital to the safety of passengers and other vehicles. A recent bus and truck accident in Pulaski County involving a college basketball team provides a reminder of how a few moments of inattention by a bus or truck driver can have devastating consequences.

Takata reaches airbag settlement with states, including Virginia

Airbags have become a standard safety feature on modern automobiles, but one airbag manufacturer, Takata, made air bags that increased the hazards of a collision. After being sued by 44 states, including Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, Takata has agreed to pay $650 million to these states in settlement of their product liability claims.

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