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Box truck hits school bus carrying five students

School buses in Virginia are equipped with several devices intended to warn motorists when the bus is stopping or stopped. These devices include bright flashing red lights and warning signs that project from the side of the bus. The driver of a box truck in King George County appears to have ignored all such devices and smashed into the rear of a school bus carrying five students.

According to witnesses, the bus was fully stopped and unloading a student. All of the bus's safety lights were flashing. The box truck failed to slow down, and it crashed into the rear of the bus. The force of the impact caused the bus to flip on its side. One witness estimated the speed of the truck at approximately 50 miles per hour at the moment of impact. Both drivers were flown by medevac helicopters to nearby hospitals with serious injuries. Two adults who were on the bus and several of the children were taken to local hospitals where they were treated for minor injuries and released. All of the children were soon reunited with their families.

Kin George County police have not disclosed the exact cause of the accident. However, the fact that the school bus appears to have been completely stopped with all safety devices deployed and functioning creates a strong inference that the majority of fault for the accident lies with the truck driver or the truck owner. The two most likely causes are driver inattention and mechanical malfunction, probably involving the truck's braking system.

Anyone who has been injured or lost a loved one in an accident involving a truck or other commercial vehicle may wish to consult an experienced attorney who handles claims for damages arising out of such accidents. A knowledgeable lawyer can provide a useful analysis of the facts of the case and an estimate of the likelihood of recovering damages.

Source: The Free Lance-Star, "Six students, three adults sent to hospital after truck collides with King George school bus," Scott Shenk & Jeff Branscome, Jan. 31, 2018

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