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February 2018 Archives

Virginia Tech begins bicycle helmet safety study

Most bicycle riders in our state prefer to wear a helmet when they go riding. The obvious purpose for using a helmet is to prevent head and brain injuries in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, anyone choosing a helmet for safety reasons may be defeated by the overwhelming number of different models currently being sold. For this reason, researchers at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, more familiarly known as Virginia Tech, is beginning an investigation into the safety features of different models of bike helmets.

Driver charged in accident that killed VDOT contractor

Virginia drivers often see warning signs, orange pylons, barriers and other devices intended to protect road workers from being struck by passing vehicles. In an ironic twist, a worker hired by the Virginia Department of Transportation to set up such barriers was killed in a car accident by a driver who says she took her eyes off the road.

Box truck hits school bus carrying five students

School buses in Virginia are equipped with several devices intended to warn motorists when the bus is stopping or stopped. These devices include bright flashing red lights and warning signs that project from the side of the bus. The driver of a box truck in King George County appears to have ignored all such devices and smashed into the rear of a school bus carrying five students.

GM begins voluntary investigation of sunroof safety

Many modern automobiles sold in Virginia come equipped with a sliding window in the roof. These popular devices are usually referred to as sun roof, and they are seldom thought of as the source of potential products liability lawsuit. However, Consumer Reports magazine recently completed a study of sunroofs in GM automobiles, and the results were surprising -- not least of all to GM, which has just announced that it is commencing a voluntary internal investigation into the safety of sunroofs.

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