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January 2018 Archives

Attempt to re-connect trailer leads to driver's death

Attempting to fix a malfunctioning automobile while the car is stopped in the traffic lane of a highway can be very dangerous, even deadly. In a recent car accident involving an attempt to repair a disabled trailer, a Virginia man was killed as he was trying to re-attach a utility trailer to his pickup truck while it was stopped in the northbound traffic lane of Route 460 in Sussex County.

Driver killed after car ricochets off concrete barrier

One of the most common sights on Virginia's streets is the concrete traffic barrier. These barriers -- called jersey walls due to the location of their invention -- are intended to separate traffic lanes, reduce the force of impacts and prevent vehicles from abruptly changing lanes after hitting the wall. Unfortunately, a jersey wall on a street in Springfield, Virginia, may have partially caused a recent fatal collision.

The effect of contributory negligence on auto accidents

Many Virginians who are injured in traffic accidents believe that they have an absolute right to recover damages from the party who caused the accident. This belief is based on the concept of "negligence," which allows a person who suffers an injury because someone else was negligent, i.e., failed to use due care. This belief, unfortunately, is incorrect.

Big rig collision starts 7-vehicle chain reaction

Anyone who has traveled the Interstate Highway System has seen two semi-trailer trucks driving abreast as one attempts to pass the other. The two trucks occupy almost the entire roadway, leaving little margin for error. A truck accident involving two big rigs near Pulaski, Va. was the beginning of a seven-vehicle accident that injured four people.

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