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Nurse with traumatic brain injury settles accident claim

The effects of brain injuries on a victim's life are usually severe, even if the victim has suffered only slight physical trauma. A traffic accident case involving a traumatic brain injury in Newport News was heading into its fifth day when the parties finally reached a settlement. According to those close to the trial, the injured driver will receive $8 million from the defendant.

An environmental services company based in Massachusetts was engaged in a year-long contract in Newport News. On August 27, 2014, one of its employees driving a company pickup truck crashed into a car near Newport News. The driver of the car was slowing for a stop light, and the collision pushed her car into another vehicle. The pickup truck wound up about 250 feet from the collision. Subsequent investigation showed that the driver of the pickup was drunk when the accident happened. According to the driver's attorneys, she suffered serious brain injuries. They also asserted that she suffered a closed-head traumatic brain injury that virtually destroyed her ability to earn a living and to participate in other activities that most people take for granted.

Prior to the accident, the plaintiff was a licensed practical nurse. The accident caused her to suffer a mild traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder and soft tissue injuries to her back and neck. The driver of the pickup was charged with drunk driving, but he entered a plea agreement in which he received five days in jail and a suspended sentence of 175 days in jail. He lost his drivers' license for 12 months, but the reckless driving charge was dismissed.

Anyone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury in a traffic accident may wish to consult a lawyer who is experienced in handling such claims. A knowledgeable attorney can provide a helpful analysis of the facts of the accident and an estimate of the amount of damages that can be recovered for the kind of injury that is involved.

Source: Daily Press, "$8 million settlement reached over 2014 Newport News car crash," Peter Dujardin, Nov. 27, 2017

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