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December 2017 Archives

Three-vehicle accident injures police officer, three drivers

Police officers work hard to clear away debris from accident scenes and to get traffic moving again. Occasionally, however, officers find themselves in the path of a moving car or truck after the jam is cleared, and they become casualties of the crash. A recent car and truck accident in Fairfax County near the intersection of Route 28 and Interstate 66, in addition to injuring the three drivers, injured a Fairfax County police officer who was directing traffic after the major accident debris had been removed from the scene.

Alcohol may have played role in fatal multi-vehicle crash

Virginia State Police are trying to sort out the events that led to a three-vehicle collision that killed three people in Sussex County. After completing their investigation of the scene, police believe that alcohol may have played a significant role in causing the car accident.

Tractor trailer fatality re-ignites debate about safety guards

Semi-trucks traveling at freeway speeds constitute a significant safety hazards for smaller automobiles. Occasionally, even when fully stopped, big rigs can be a significant safety risk. A truck accident in Fairfax County involving a semi-truck and a sedan demonstrates the safety hazards posed by big rigs and has re-ignited a debate about the need for crash protectors on the rear ends of these large vehicles.

Nurse with traumatic brain injury settles accident claim

The effects of brain injuries on a victim's life are usually severe, even if the victim has suffered only slight physical trauma. A traffic accident case involving a traumatic brain injury in Newport News was heading into its fifth day when the parties finally reached a settlement. According to those close to the trial, the injured driver will receive $8 million from the defendant.

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