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September 2017 Archives

Four juveniles injured in ATV crash in Prince George County

Virtually everyone in Virginia understands that a person must be 16 years and three months old to obtain a driver's license and that the minimum age for a learner's permit is 15 years and six months. But, what about ATVs? Virginia law prohibits anyone under the age of 16 from operating an ATV, but the statute does not require a license. These laws will be under scrutiny following a recent ATV accident where three juveniles suffered serious injuries.

Converted school bus misses stop sign, kills mother of three

Emergency workers approaching an accident scene in Leesburg thought at first that the driver of an old school bus had missed a stop sign and smashed into a guard rail. But, as they closed in on the scene of the car accident, the emergency responders saw the horrible truth: the bus had hit an Audi station wagon, and the crumpled remains of the station wagon were pinned beneath the bus. Five people were trapped inside the Audi.

Dressers recalled due to tip-over hazard

Northern Virginia households contain numerous items that can be the cause of serious injury. Among the most obvious are knives and other cutting implements found in the kitchen and electrical devices of all kinds. One class of household furnishings, however, is hardly considered to be a threat of injury or death: the plain, unadorned bedroom dresser. Nevertheless, Walmart has taken a dramatic step to forestall numerous products liability lawsuits by recalling 1.6 million dressers because they are unstable and can cause injury or death if they tip over.

Head-on collision in work zone leaves one dead, two injured

People who use the Interstate Highway System in Virginia are used to seeing signs asking for extra caution in work zones. Fines for traffic violations usually increase in work zones, and speed limits are reduced. But, what about vehicles used in highway construction work? A recent truck accident in Arlington raises several questions about the safe operation of vehicles involved in construction work.

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