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Most days, residents in Virginia enter and exit the properties of others. Whether it is a grocery store, post office, clinic, gas station, department store or the home of another, most do not view these places as dangerous or prone to risks. However, when a property owner is negligent and dangerous conditions are not addressed, this could result in a visitor or patron being seriously injured.

While no one expects to be injured on private or public property, if an individual is harmed by a dangerous condition, this could result in much pain and suffering, serious injuries and damages. At Surovell, Isaacs & Levy, PLC, our experienced attorneys are dedicated to helping those harmed by negligent property owners, helping them successfully navigate a premises liability action.

Whether an individual is harmed in a slip-and-fall incident, by a fallen object, a dangerous pet or unsafe conditions, our skilled attorneys have the resources necessary to uncover the evidence that will help explain the cause and liability in the situation. A poorly lit area, uneven flooring, poorly maintained sidewalks, parking lots and yards, an unrestrained dog or a slippery floor could be the cause of a serious incident. No matter the situation, we will work hard to prove that a property owner was knowledgeable of a dangerous condition, failing to timely and reasonably cure it.

To learn more, check out our law firm's website. Even something as simple as shopping or visiting a friend could turn into a catastrophic accident. Therefore, it is imperative that those harmed on the property of another understand what rights are afforded to them and what steps they could take to cover the losses and damages arising from the incident.

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