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July 2017 Archives

Head-on collision on I-64 kills two in Albemarle County

Anyone who has traveled on the interstate system in Virginia has seen the crossover lanes marked with the red "O" with a slash through it. Most motorists know that the sign prohibits vehicles from using the crossover. In a recent car accident in Albemarle County, a driver attempting to avoid police ignored such a sign and ended up killing himself and another driver in a head-on crash.

Moderate to severe TBI in middle age may raise dementia risk

Many Northern Virginians suffer blows to the head in a variety of circumstances - automobile collisions, work accidents and falls at home, to name a few. One consequence of a blow to the head is a traumatic brain injury. A new study has found a potential link between moderate to severe TBI and dementia later in life.

Retailer must face trial in parking lot injury case

During Northern Virginia business hours, parking lots are beehives of activity, with cars, trucks and pedestrians constantly moving about. Collisions and injuries seem to be inevitable, but the legal duty of retailers to post appropriate signs and otherwise regulate traffic in these lots remains an open legal question. A recent state court appellate decision on this issue may affect premises liability cases in Virginia and other states.

Air bag liability claims force Takata to declare bankruptcy

Automobile design and manufacturing defects are common causes of injuries and death in Virginia and elsewhere. Manufacturers frequently spend large amounts of money defending liability claims that are based on these defects, but occasionally such efforts are unavailing. In one the largest products liability cases in recent times, air bag Takata Corp. has been forced to file bankruptcy because it faces overwhelming recall costs and liability for damages caused by its defective air bag inflators.

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