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What to do if you are injured by a dangerous product

Products liability cases arise in Fairfax when consumers suffer harm as a result of using products put into the stream of commerce by sellers. Sellers can be expanded to cover a wide range of possible defendants in a products liability case, including but not limited to the company that designed the dangerous goods, the entity that made the parts that went into the dangerous goods, the entity that assembled the defective good, and the store that sold the dangerous products to consumers.

When a Fairfax resident is hurt by a dangerous consumer good they may not know what steps to take to protect their rights. After seeking medical help for their injuries they may consider speaking with a personal injury attorney about their losses and their chances of pursuing litigation to recover their incident-related damages.

A conversation about a potential products liability case can cover many different topics. An analysis of the product's intended use and how the injured party used the product may provide insights into the product's propensity to cause harm. Through such an investigation a consumer and their attorney may discover that the product suffered from a flaw in its design, a mistake in its manufacturing or an error in its labeling that prevented the consumer from safely using it for its intended purpose.

Consumer products should be safe when they are used as they are intended and should not cause innocent parties to suffer physical harm or even death due to their inherent flaws. Lawyers who work in the products liability and personal injury fields are well-positioned to support their products liability clients with their legal cases and to work with them to pursue compensation for their injuries and harm.

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