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Last week this Fairfax personal injury legal blog introduced an interesting topic related to causation and liability in truck accidents. Although in many cases an accident between a large truck and a smaller vehicle is the fault of the driver of the big rig, in some cases other drivers may force truck drivers to make evasive maneuvers that result in accidents but that avoid greater harm.

As such, it can be difficult to get to the bottom of the cause of a truck accident case. Many factors come into play when courts assess who should be at fault, what actions the involved parties should have taken, and if anyone should be awarded damages for the losses they experienced in the accident. A truck accident victim on their own may not know how to start the investigative process nor may they have the resources to fight for the compensation they rightfully deserve.

At the law firm of Surovell, Isaacs & Levy our attorneys are passionate about providing their clients with the knowledge and guidance they need to pursue their legal rights after a collision with a large truck or vehicle. They understand that the pursuit of justice is not always easy and that every case demands time and attention to ensure that it is given the best possible opportunity to present their clients' position.

The outcome of civil litigation cannot be determined prior to judgment at trial, but the law firm of Surovell, Isaacs & Levy stands by its clients through the pretrial, litigation and post-judgment phases of their cases. They know that serious injuries and losses can result when truck accidents happen on Virginia roads and as personal injury attorneys they are prepared to serve their clients' interests as they evaluate and pursue their legal options and rights.

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