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June 2017 Archives

Visitor's status can determine rights in premises liability case

When a person calls up their friend and asks the friend come over to their house for dinner, the friend may be considered an invitee into the home of the person hosting them for a meal. Situations like this happen each day in Fairfax, but interactions between property owners and others do not end at these straightforward pleasantries. If a person visits a store to buy goods, are they considered an invitee at the store? Or does their status as a visitor change because they were not specifically requested to come to the property owner's building? This post will explore the different statuses individuals may have when they visit properties and how those statuses can change their rights if they are harmed in premises liability accidents.

What types of accidents can lead to traumatic brain injuries?

The human body is an amazing thing. Its many systems work together to allow individuals to move, breathe, think, act and perform unlimited tasks in a seamless and consistent manner. The brain is responsible for coordinating many of those vital life tasks, so when Virginia residents suffer injuries to their brains their lives can be impacted in many ways.

What to do if you are injured by a dangerous product

Products liability cases arise in Fairfax when consumers suffer harm as a result of using products put into the stream of commerce by sellers. Sellers can be expanded to cover a wide range of possible defendants in a products liability case, including but not limited to the company that designed the dangerous goods, the entity that made the parts that went into the dangerous goods, the entity that assembled the defective good, and the store that sold the dangerous products to consumers.

Several die in Virginia car accidents over Memorial Day weekend

Long holiday weekends are often a time when Virginia residents take to the roads to visit their friends and family members. Just recently, residents of the commonwealth celebrated Memorial Day and the service that countless men and women have given to the nation through their work with the military. Unfortunately, though, not all who traveled by car arrived home safely, and the Virginia State Police report that more than a half-dozen people died on Virginia roads during the long weekend.

We represent victims of truck accidents

Last week this Fairfax personal injury legal blog introduced an interesting topic related to causation and liability in truck accidents. Although in many cases an accident between a large truck and a smaller vehicle is the fault of the driver of the big rig, in some cases other drivers may force truck drivers to make evasive maneuvers that result in accidents but that avoid greater harm.

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