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The financial burden of living with a brain injury

Brain injuries can vary in terms of severity and prognosis. While some people in Virginia who suffer from a brain injury may be able to return to their normal lives shortly after suffering their harm, others may spend the rest of their lives trying to relearn the basic skills that they mastered in their childhoods. As such, it is important for readers of this Fairfax personal injury law blog to understand that the costs of recovering from and living with a brain injury can greatly fluctuate.

There are a number of costs that must be factored into an assessment of the financial burden of a brain injury. First, medical care for the immediate trauma of a brain injury can rise into the tens of thousands of dollars; these costs are associated with acute care. For some, acute care may be all that is needed to find relief after a brain injury.

However, additional costs for rehabilitation can press the costs of recovery much higher. Several studies suggest that annual care and rehabilitation can surpass $80,000 and if a person is permanently disabled by their brain injury then that sum could endure for the rest of the victim's life. Whether a person is able to return to work or secure a paying job can also influence the financial burden they must carry as a result of their brain trauma.

Simply put, the yearly cost of living with a serious brain injury can easily surpass the annual income of many American households. While not everyone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury at the hands of negligent parties will get their old lives back, some may be able to pursue their financial losses and find relief in the recovery of their damages so that they may pay for the care they need in the wake of their injuries.

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