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Premises liability lawsuits can compensate injury victims

Although online shopping and advancing telecommunications have made it easier to live a home-based life, it is the rare person who can exist without ever stepping foot outside of their residence. Fairfax residents work, shop and play in locations near and far to their houses, and when they leave the places that they call home they must trust that the entities that own and operate the stores, restaurants, offices, schools and other businesses and buildings they frequent are maintaining them in safe condition. Most of the time individuals can do what they need to do outside of their homes without encountering dangers. However, in unfortunate instances victims of premises liability accidents suffer serious harm due to hazardous conditions on another's property.

A premises liability accident can happen in the blink of an eye, such as when a victim slips and falls on a shop floor or trips and stumbles on the uneven walkways in a mall's parking lot. Property owners have duties to warn individuals of dangers they may encounter as well as duties to remedy hazards under certain conditions. However, if a victim has no way of knowing of a property danger before they encounter it their resulting injuries may form the basis of legal actions against the responsible property owners.

The law firm of Surovell, Isaacs & Levy recognizes the serious challenges that a property-based accident can impose on the life of a victim and their family. From taking time off of work to recover, to paying the medical expenses that may accrue as the result of their accident related care, a victim can be harmed a second time when they must pay for what a negligent individual ultimately caused to happen.

Since every premises liability case is based on its own facts and circumstances victims of property-based accidents are encouraged to discuss their potential cases with personal injury attorneys. The law firm of Surovell, Isaacs & Levy is ready to provide information on premises liability in Virginia.

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