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Are all truck accidents the fault of truck drivers?

An 18-wheel truck that is loaded to capacity with goods may weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Compared to a smaller personal vehicle which may only weigh 3,000 pounds a truck is a massive thing that is both difficult to get up to speed and difficult to stop once it is rolling along. Fairfax residents who have seen big rigs and other large vehicles in action understand the power that they exude when they are rumbling down the road.

Due to their large sizes and general difficulty to maneuver large truck trucks can be involved in vehicle accidents when their drivers lose control and allow their trucks to change lanes, cross medians and jackknife. Interestingly, though, in these dangerous situations liability for resulting accidents may not always fall on the drivers of the trucks but rather on others who were on the roads when the incidents occurred.

For example, a driver who cuts off or pulls directly in front of a moving truck may cause that truck driver to make a fast maneuver to avoid an accident. As a result of their reflexive instinct to prevent a collision with the vehicle in front of it, a truck driver may cause his rig to lose control and either jackknife or change lanes with proper time to check for other vehicles. Similarly, drivers who hide in trucks' blind spots and whose vehicles disappear into the trucks' mirrors can carry some accident liability if moving away from the trucks could have prevented their accidents and injuries.

Truck drivers do cause many of the accidents that occur between big vehicles and smaller personal cars. Whether through distractions, poor vehicle maintenance or other causes truck drivers often must be held responsible for the harm that they cause with their big rigs. Readers who require more information about liability and truck accidents can speak with their personal injury attorneys about the specifics of their cases.

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