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Truck accident kills two in Virginia

Losing someone in a sudden accident can be devastating for not only the family members of the accident victim, but also for all those who knew or came into contact with the victim. When the victims are young children, the loss is felt across the whole community and it can take time before a family is able to come to terms with their loss. One of the ways family members can get closure is by holding the negligent parties responsible for their actions that caused the accident.

The family members of two children who died in a truck accident may be thinking just this. According to authorities, the tractor trailer was coming down a hill and carrying 75,000 pounds of mulch when two children ran across the road to get to their school bus. The tractor trailer was unable to stop in time and struck the two children. According to an investigation into the accident, the state's Motor Carrier Safety Unit found that even though the truck had some equipment violations, it did not affect its ability to avoid the accident. As a result of their actions, authorities are not going to bring criminal charges against the truck driver.

Truck accidents are often more deadly than car accidents, because the size of the vehicle and the weight of the material it carries makes it difficult for the vehicle to come to sudden stops. Their size also means they are difficult to overtake safely. In a collision with a truck, it might be possible to hold the trucking company accountable for the truck driver's actions as well.

A civil case and a criminal case progress separately from one another, and even where there is no criminal case against the negligent party, it still may be possible to hold them accountable through a wrongful death case pursued civilly. It might be beneficial to discuss the complexities with an experienced attorney who can help accident victims and their families exercise their legal rights.

Source: Fox News, "Virginia kids running to school bus hit by truck, killed: no charges for driver," March 31, 2017

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