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Know the symptoms of a brain injury after a car accident

A lot can happen in the instant that a car accident occurs. A driver may slam on their brakes. Their vehicle may make impact with another car, either through their own volition or the movement of the other vehicle. The driver's seatbelt and other safety devices may engage. They may feel the sudden fear and pain that accompany car accident injuries.

An unfortunate number of residents of Northern Virginia experience vehicle accidents each year and while some are able to walk away from their incidents without suffering harm, others endure serious injuries. One type of injury that can be missed immediately after a car accident is a brain injury. Since the symptoms of brain injuries can sometimes be difficult to identify, this post will generally discuss some of the ways an injury to the brain may manifest after a vehicle accident.

Brain injuries can have physical manifestations. A person with a brain injury may experience headaches or problems with their vision or balance. They may also experience cognitive problems that can impact their ability to remember things or retain new facts and information as it is presented to them.

A brain injury can also affect a victim's emotional health. Signs of a brain injury can include irritability, sadness, and anxiety. While not all brain injury victims will experience all of these symptoms it is important for readers of this post to understand that this is not a comprehensive list of brain injury effects.

After a car accident a victim may feel scared and may have significant physical ailments to recover from. However, the signs of an accident-related brain injury may not become known until a significant amount of time after the damage was sustained. In some cases a vehicle accident victim may be able to recover damages from a brain injury, and those who wish to learn more about this legal process may wish to contact personal injury attorneys in their communities.

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