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Understand your rights after a vehicle accident

Distracted and dangerous drivers are a major problem in Fairfax and throughout the rest of Northern Virginia. All across the DC metropolitan area, individuals become victims of car accidents when others fail to use reasonable care in the operation of their automobiles. Distractions come in many shapes and sizes, including but not limited to talking or texting on a smartphone, consuming food or drinks, programing GPS and music devices and others.

After a vehicle accident can be a tough time for a victim. They may not know what steps to take or who may be able to help them. They may have injuries to recover from, whether they are minor abrasions or life-threatening complications. They may not be able to work and after they have been treated by medical professionals they may begin to receive costly bills for their treatment and care.

A vehicle accident due to the negligence of a dangerous or distracted driver may leave a victim unable to support themselves and without the capacity to financially pay off their obligations. However, victims in this dire situation do not have to face their challenges alone. In some cases, victims are able to receive compensation for their costs and losses from the parties who caused their harm.

The attorneys of Surovell, Issacs, Petersen & Levy are prepared to work with their clients as they begin the process of proving liability against the parties who caused their vehicle accidents. They discuss the options that their clients have for pursuing their damages and provide them with the information they need to make responsible, educated choices about their legal pursuits. Although it is impossible to predict the outcome of a legal case, working with experienced attorneys like those of Surovell, Issacs, Petersen & Levy can provide victims of vehicle accidents with the support they need to protect their legal rights.

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