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Brain injury treatment costs can be significant

The physical and emotional challenges and costs associated with brain injuries are significant. The financial impact of a brain injury, which can include medical treatment and long-term care in some instances, varies depending on the nature of the injury. A mild brain injury can cost approximately $85,000, while and moderate brain injury can cost $941,000 and a severe brain injury can cost $3 million.

The total cost of brain injuries in the United States is estimated to cost $48.3 billion each year. Around $31.7 billion of that cost is spent on hospitalization expenses. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, acute care and rehabilitative care for brain injuries costs around $9 billion to $10 billion annually. Additional costs not included can range from societal costs, costs to families, and lost costs associated with lost earnings and productivity.

The costs associated with the care of a victim of severe brain injury, though it varies by the nature and severity of the injury and if there is a need for long-term care, ranges from $600,000 to close to $1.9 million over a lifetime. Car accidents are a common cause of brain injuries. When a negligent driver has caused a car accident that resulted in injuries, including brain injuries, victims may have legal recourse through a legal claim for damages. Brain injuries can be a costly burden for victims and their families.

Victims of brain injuries may be able to recover compensation for the physical, financial and emotional harm suffered as a result of a brain injury. As a result, it is important for victims to be familiar with their legal rights and the remedies and resources available to them.

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