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Dangerous children's products should be reported

Doctors regularly caring for children are some of the first to become aware of defective children's products. Pediatricians can report concerns they may have related to product safety which is one method of protecting children from potentially dangerous children's toys. Physicians, consumers and parents all have the ability to report dangerous or defective children's products or toys to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Toys containing magnets, for instance, present a hazard when the magnets are swallowed and may become more common in children's toys. Additional products that can pose risks to children include products with batteries, small parts or buttons that are not safely secured. Popular scooters also present a fire danger and dressers present a tipping hazard and can fall over on children.

The number of potentially dangerous and defective products reported is less than the number of injuries doctors treat as a result of these products. Without reporting, children are less protected from potentially dangerous or defective products. The manufacturer or the potentially unsafe products receives a copy of the report concerning the product and has the ability to respond to the report. Reports can be made online or over the phone and the public has access to search for unsafe products by categories including children's products.

In addition to the protections in place through the reporting and recall process for dangerous or defective products, additional protections are available to victims and families harmed by dangerous or defective products. Legal options can help victims and families with the damages they have suffered as a result of a dangerous or defective product which is why it is helpful for victims to understand the full range of protections available concerning unsafe products.

Source: AAP News & Journals, "Reporting product concerns can keep children safe," Lenore R. Jarvis, M.D., M.Ed., FAAP, Jan. 11, 2017

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