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Woman brings premises liability claim for damages

As the winter months progress, it becomes increasingly important that properties are maintained in a safe manner for users. In a community a few hours from the Roanoke area in a neighboring state, a woman recently brought a claim for damages against the owners of a shopping center parking lot asserting their negligence led to the injuries she suffered. The victim was shopping at the shopping center and while walking across the parking lot, she tripped and fell and suffered injuries including a broken leg. According to the woman's complaint, she tripped and fell on a large, broken and uneven section of the shopping center parking lot.

The victim further asserts in her complaint that the owners of the shopping center parking lot breached their duty to keep the parking lot in a reasonably safe condition. She also asserts the shopping center parking lot owners were negligent in allowing a hidden danger to exist on the premises, failed to fix the dangerous condition on the property and failed to warn her of the dangerous condition on the property. The victim is seeking damages for her injuries, as well as other damages.

In general, property owners have a duty to inspect their property for unsafe conditions and to either remedy an unsafe condition or warn of the unsafe condition. Premises liability law places these requirements on property owners and those in possession of property for the general safety and well-being of everyone. Additional complexities can arise related to premises liability situations so it is important to understand the options available to victims harmed by an unsafe property condition.

Victims may suffer physical, financial and emotional damages as a result of a dangerous property condition. Because of this, legal resources are available to help them recover compensation for the harm they have suffered.

Source: West Virginia Record, "Customer blames parking lot owners for injuries," Philip Gonzales, Nov. 25, 2016

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