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December 2016 Archives

Important things to know about recalled airbags

Products liability law is in place to protect consumers from defective and dangerous products such as defective auto parts. The tally for the Takata airbag recall includes 42 million vehicles and 69 million airbag inflators that will need to be replaced. The airbags can explode and spew shrapnel, harming victims. The defective airbags have caused approximately 11 deaths in the United States, along with 180 injuries in the U.S. and deaths internationally as well.

What should I know about distracted driving truck accidents?

Distracted driving involves the diverted focus of a driver from the roadway and safe driving activities towards activities unrelated to driving. Distracted driving increases the risk of a car or truck accident occurring. Driver distraction includes anything that removes the driver's attention or eyes from the roadway and can include distractions inside the cab of a truck or outside of it. Focusing on the road is important for the safety of everyone sharing the roadways.

Brain injury sufferers should be familiar with resources to help

Brain injuries can impact anyone and have a significant impact on victims, their families, communities and society as a whole. They can take a physical, financial and emotional toll on victims and their families. Traumatic brain injuries occur due to motor vehicle accidents and other types of trauma that can happen to the brain. Closed head injuries can be all-too common and may result in traumatic brain injuries that may not always be immediately noticed.

Woman brings premises liability claim for damages

As the winter months progress, it becomes increasingly important that properties are maintained in a safe manner for users. In a community a few hours from the Roanoke area in a neighboring state, a woman recently brought a claim for damages against the owners of a shopping center parking lot asserting their negligence led to the injuries she suffered. The victim was shopping at the shopping center and while walking across the parking lot, she tripped and fell and suffered injuries including a broken leg. According to the woman's complaint, she tripped and fell on a large, broken and uneven section of the shopping center parking lot.

Defective off-road vehicles recalled by manufacturer

Products liability is an area of the law designed to protect consumers when harmed. The manufacturer of off-road side-by-side vehicles recently recalled the vehicles due to the potential for the vehicles to lose steering control which can result in a potential crash hazard. The steering rack and pinion assembly of the vehicles has an improper amount of grease which can lead to a loss of steering control and potential crash hazard. The manufacturer received 33 reports of incidents involving intermittent or complete locking of the steering.

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