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October 2016 Archives

Fatal car accidents involving teen drivers on the rise

Drivers of any age can cause a car accident in Fairfax County, Virginia, but there are some drivers who are more likely than others to be involved in fatal car crashes, specifically, teen drivers. A recent report released by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), reveals that deaths from teen-involved car collisions are on the rise.

Legal claim may depend on source of Virginian's brain injury

A brain injury, regardless of the severity, will undoubtedly be a traumatic event for a Virginia family. An injured victim will likely require medical care and miss time from work, which can be costly. Fortunately, such victims may be able to obtain legal damages to help pay for the costs associated with a brain injury.

What are symptoms of a brain injury in a child?

No Virginia parent wants to see his or her child suffer a head injury. Unfortunately though, head injuries do occur, and, therefore, it can be helpful for parents and caregivers to know what to expect in terms of symptoms and how best to care for a child who has suffered from head trauma.

Product recall affects beef, bison, veal products

Few Virginians have the time, physical space or interest in growing and producing all of the food they consume. Therefore, Virginians rely on food products grown by local producers or major national companies to feed themselves and their families. Unfortunately, however, sometimes these products are unsafe and can cause illnesses without warning.

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