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September 2016 Archives

Attorneys help Virginians injured by defective products

When a Virginian has been injured by a defective or dangerous product, he or she may know without a doubt that the product caused his or her individual injury. Such an event may lead to a Virginian being able to recover damages for the injuries he or she has suffered via a products liability lawsuit.

What types of distractions contribute to teen car accidents?

Distracted driving is dangerous. Without a driver's full attention on the task at hand, a driver cannot react quickly to an obstacle in the road, to another driver's change of lanes or to unclear weather conditions. A driver of any age can be a distracted driver, but teen drivers are particularly prone to one alarming form of distracted driving according to a study conducted by Liberty Mutual Insurance and Students Against Destructive Decisions.

Common reasons truck drivers contribute to truck accidents

There are many potential causes of a truck accident. From speeding drivers, to unsafe road conditions, to defective auto parts, there is no single source behind a Virginia truck accident. Frequently, specific behaviors of truck drivers lead to an accident, and some of these actions are more common than others in contributing to truck accidents.

Mature drivers pose risks for serious car accidents

Drivers of all ages populate Virginia's highways. From young teen drivers who have just received their driver's licenses, to elderly drivers who have been driving for decades, there is a wide variety of drivers on the road at any one time. Each of these population segments poses unique risks for accidents. While experience can be beneficial behind the wheel, elderly or mature drivers who have been driving for many years nonetheless may have characteristics that may make them more likely to contribute to dangerous car accidents.

How do you prove fault in a products liability claim?

It is obvious that we are a society that relies heavily on consumer goods. Everyday, residents in Virginia and elsewhere use and require consumer goods to get through his or her day. Whether it's a household item, a motor vehicle or a tool, these items tend to make life much easier. While these products are highly beneficial, they unfortunately pose some risks to consumers. If there is a defect during the manufacturing, retail or marketing process, this could cause much harm to the consumer.

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