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Hit-and-run crash claims life of woman crossing the road

When there is a car accident in Virginia, drivers are expected to stop, exchange insurance information, and render aid if it is necessary. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, some drivers choose to depart the scene and turn a crash into a hit-and-run accident. When this happens and there are injuries and/or fatalities, those who have been affected by a hit-and-run have the right to seek to be compensated through a car accident claim. Understanding how to move forward with such a lawsuit is important though, as strategy is often key to putting forth a convincing claim.

One family may need to consider this after a hit-and-run accident occurred at approximately 10 p.m. as a woman was trying to cross the road after crashing her own car. She had run the vehicle into a wall on the road after losing control of it. The 44-year-old woman was attempting to reach the shoulder by foot when she was hit and killed. The vehicle that hit her was believed to have been a Buick Century between the model years 1999 and 2001. The vehicle had damage to its grill, headlight, and passenger side mirror. It was located at a residence in Virginia and law enforcement is determining what criminal charges are appropriate in the case.

When there is a fatal car accident, the family left behind will have a lot to cope with as they try to move forward. First, there are the funeral expenses. Then they will have to come to grips with the emotional ramifications of losing a loved one unexpectedly. In addition, there will be additional financial and personal issues that must be dealt with, such as lost wages and loss of companionship. Defense attorneys count on surviving family members to be unable to think about the future clearly enough to realize when a settlement offer is not sufficient to cover their losses. Accepting a settlement early in the process is almost always a mistake. This is why it is key to make sure to know the options available.

In this case, a woman died after she was hit by a vehicle that subsequently fled the scene. Considering that the investigation is ongoing, it is even more important that her family seek legal protection in the event that they decide to pursue a legal claim.

Source: WSET ABC 13, "State Police seize suspected vehicle in deadly hit-and-run," Ashley Ann, June 29, 2016

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