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What should I do after a Virginia car accident?

A car accident can be a jarring and traumatic experience for a Virginian. Potentially injured and in shock, a Virginia car accident victim may be unsure about exactly what he or she should do next. It can be helpful to be aware of some essential first steps following an accident.

Drivers should know that they should not immediately leave the scene of an accident, especially in the event a person was injured or killed. A driver who leaves the scene of such an accident may face criminal charges. If anyone involved in the accident requires medical attention, it is important to call for help. After medical help has been summoned, it will be necessary to call the police if injury, death or substantial property damage has occurred.

After the immediate details of obtaining help have been dealt with, an auto accident victim will want to obtain as much information as possible about the accident and those involved in the accident. For example, he or she should obtain identifying information of the other drivers involved in the accident, including license plate numbers and drivers' license numbers, as well as contact information for any passengers involved in the accident. A victim should also talk to witnesses and obtain their contact information, as they may be helpful in the future. Taking pictures of any vehicular damage is also important to document the effects of an accident.

Subsequently, a victim should keep thorough records of his or her medical treatments and medical expenses following an accident. A victim may also wish to document how an accident has affected his or her life by noting any missed days from work or school, as well as how his or her everyday life has been affected.

While these are all important steps to take following a collision, if you have been involved in an accident and failed to take one of these steps, do not worry. An attorney may be able to offer assistance to a car accident victim following a collision regarding these and other important steps.

Source: FindLaw, "After a Car Accident: First Steps," accessed May 20, 2016

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