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June 2016 Archives

Are product recalls more common today than in the past?

Product recalls occur when products are not safe for consumers. They happen across all industries, from food products, to vehicles and appliances, in Virginia and nationwide. Interestingly, it appears that product recalls are on the rise in almost every product category, with recalls emerging daily.

How do traumatic brain injuries affect Virginians?

For many Virginians, it will only be when they or a loved one suffer a brain injury that they will think about the importance of a fully functioning brain. Unfortunately, once a brain injury occurs, a Virginian's utter reliance on a healthy brain becomes all too obvious.

Inadequate pool safety may lead to premises liability lawsuit

As summer approaches, Virginians will undoubtedly gather with friends and family at backyard pools. While these occasions are normally joyous, it is important to be aware of essential pool safety precautions and what can be done when a failure to abide by those safety measures results in harm.

Virginia lawyers help after catastrophic car accident injuries

A Virginian who has been injured in a car accident may be suffering from multiple injuries. From a relatively simply broken arm to a potential brain injury, car accidents have the ability to completely alter the lives of their victims as well as their loved ones. One particularly dangerous form of car accident is a head-on collision, as this blog reported in a previous post. When a Virginian has been injured in a head-on collision, he or she may be more likely to suffer from catastrophic injuries.

Study reveals significant harm caused by truck accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has released a report that details the significant impact that truck accidents have on drivers and passengers on the nation's highways. The report contains a tremendous amount of data and reveals some trends that might interest Virginians as they travel along the state's highways.

What should I do after a Virginia car accident?

A car accident can be a jarring and traumatic experience for a Virginian. Potentially injured and in shock, a Virginia car accident victim may be unsure about exactly what he or she should do next. It can be helpful to be aware of some essential first steps following an accident.

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