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Grocery store product recall may affect Virginia shoppers

Virginia shoppers trust that the groceries they buy from their local supermarket will be safe. They trust that they can serve their bread, milk and vegetables to their families without placing them at risk for health concerns. Unfortunately, however, some Virginia shoppers who frequent Trader Joe’s may be concerned about a recent product recall.

The recall by Trader Joe’s includes two of their frozen products. They have recalled their Chicken Fried Rice as well as their Vegetable Fried Rice due to concerns about possible listeria contamination. These recalls follow hundreds of other recalls from CRF Frozen Foods, a manufacturing company that supplies Trader Joe’s with these and many other products. 

The larger recall from CRF Frozen Foods was voluntary and included frozen fruits and vegetables, both organic and traditional, due to potential listeria contamination. It has involved a huge number of products, including all of the frozen fruit and vegetable products manufactured in one of the company’s facilities since May 1, 2014.

Listeria can lead to serious and even fatal infections in persons with weakened immune systems as well as children and the elderly. Listeria even poses the risk of health complications for healthy individuals, including nausea, stiffness, diarrhea and high fever.

The two most recently recalled products, as well as the previously recalled products, have been removed from all Trader Joe’s locations and the company asked that anyone who purchased the products not eat them. Nonetheless, it is certainly possible that some shoppers purchased and consumed these recalled products without knowing about the potential danger for illness.

If you or a loved one has become ill due to consumption of a recalled product, you may want to take steps to understand your legal recourses. A products liability claim might be available to an injured consumer, helping them offset any harm or damage caused by the incident.

Source:, “Listeria Problem Worsens; Trader Joe’s Expands Product Recall On Frozen Goods,” Pauline Angela Quiambao, May 10, 2016

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