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How does negligence affect victims of Virginia car accidents?

When a Virginian has been involved in a car accident, it is often because another driver acted negligently behind the wheel. Whether another driver was texting and driving or intoxicated, victims of Virginia car accidents often bear the brunt of negligent drivers' careless mistakes.

Whether one driver was negligent in his or her behavior leading to an accident is important in the determination of liability. This, in turn, helps determine who will be responsible for the financial costs of an accident. Negligence is conduct that is careless or inadvertent that leads to damage or harm. Careless conduct like texting and driving, or inadvertent conduct like being distracted behind the wheel, can easily lead to car accidents, as drivers do not have their full attention on the task at hand. Furthermore, running a red light or failing to yield the right of way may also constitute negligence.

The type of negligent behavior that leads to a car accident may affect a finding of fault. For example, a drunk driver is likely to be deemed as having behaved recklessly, and he or she is likely to be found to be negligent and at fault. This may mean he or she will be held liable for the damages a victim suffers as a result of an accident. Less obvious cases of negligence may develop when drivers are involved in more minor accidents, which can make determining negligence more difficult. The particular facts of each case are important to determine whether a party was negligent.

A negligent driver may be legally liable for the damages that result from a car accident that he or she caused. An accident with a distracted driver can lead to serious injury and extensive medical expenses. A Virginian who has been the victim of a negligent driver's behavior may wish to consult with an attorney to learn how they can fight for the compensation they deserve.

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