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Settlement may offer advantage for truck accident victims

A Virginian who has been injured in a traumatic truck accident may opt to pursue legal action. Whether against a truck company or a negligent truck driver, or both, a lawsuit can provide a number of benefits to a victim following a serious truck accident.

When a person pursues a cause of action following an accident, he or she may at first anticipate that the matter will go to trial. While this is certainly an option, a Virginian may instead find that he or she desires to resolve the matter via settlement negotiations. Settlement is something worth considering, as, depending on the circumstances, it can offer a number of advantages following semi truck accidents.

A legal settlement may offer the victim the opportunity to save both time and money, which can be important when an individual is dealing with serious injuries following an accident. Parties who settle matters through alternative dispute resolution may be able to come to an agreement much more quickly than if a case proceeds to trial. This might allow a victim to feel as though he or she can put the trauma behind him or her faster. Additionally, a settlement may mean fewer overall expenses due to a more prompt resolution.

Alternative dispute resolution also has the advantage of typically being less adversarial than a trial, which some Virginians may find appealing, as it can potentially be less stressful. With the guidance of a neutral and trained third party to supervise and lead the resolution, both sides can discuss the facts of an accident and their positions, without formally admitting fault.

With that being said, there are, of course, advantages to proceeding to trial instead of opting for settlement. The circumstances of each particular case will affect whether settlement or trial may be the best choice for the victim of a truck accident. Therefore, a Virginian who has been injured in a truck accident may wish to consult with an attorney about his or her legal options.

Source: FindLaw, "Trucking Accident Settlements: What to Expect," accessed Feb. 26 2016

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