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March 2016 Archives

NTSB points to key safety measures to reduce truck accidents

Large commercial vehicles travel Virginia's highways every day, transporting everything from fruits and vegetables to books and gasoline. While they provide a valuable service, tractor-trailers also pose the risk of causing deadly truck accidents. With that in mind, the National Transportation Safety Board has published a list of several leading safety issues that it wants to draw attention to with the goal of reducing future accidents. Many of these transportation issues are particularly relevant for truck drivers and the trucking industry.

Lawyers seek damages for Virginians hurt by defective products

Products liability may be a subject that many Virginians are familiar with in a general sense, but one they may not know much about in detail. For example, Virginians may know that if they are injured by a dangerous product, such as a defective air bag, as reported by this blog in a previous post, then they have the potential to recover compensation for their damages. They may not know, however, how best to protect their legal rights in a products liability lawsuit following such an injury.

What duty of care is owed to Virginia hunters?

The duty of care owed to a Virginian who is on another's property depends in part on why that individual was on the property owner's land. There are many reasons why a person may go on another's property, whether it is as a customer, an invited guest, or for recreational purposes.

How do distracted drivers put Virginians at risk on the roads?

Many drivers get in their vehicles and begin driving without much thought about the task at hand. For many Virginians, driving is an everyday activity that is part of their routine. Unfortunately, motorists who are not focused on their duties as a driver can pose significant risks to others, including the potential for serious, injurious, and even fatal car accidents.

Settlement may offer advantage for truck accident victims

A Virginian who has been injured in a traumatic truck accident may opt to pursue legal action. Whether against a truck company or a negligent truck driver, or both, a lawsuit can provide a number of benefits to a victim following a serious truck accident.

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