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Assistance in navigating a premises liability suit

When a Virginian enters the property of another, there is a reasonable expectation of safety. Unfortunately, this expectation is sometimes violated by unsafe situations such as slippery ice on a sidewalk or an oil spill on a driveway. These types of instances can leave victims with injuries that can severely impact their lives. There are legal options available for those who have been harmed in such ways, however.

In a premises liability lawsuit, a victim can, depending on the circumstances, hold the owner of a property responsible for injuries received from something such as a slip and fall accident. There are several different elements of a premises liability case including the status of visitor of the property. The designation can included a number of titles including an invitee (such as a customer of a store), a social guest (a party attendee), a licensee (one who enters the property for his or her own purpose) and more. Each of these designations can hold different legal implications.

In all cases of premises liability, however, it can be very important to have an experienced attorney who is familiar with such situations on your side. The attorneys at Surovell Isaacs Petersen & Levy PLC have more than three decades of combined experience in such cases and will use that experience to fight for the rights of those injured.

Experiencing a traumatic injury when there was a reasonable expectation of safety can be extremely taxing physically, mentally and financially. In such instances, our law firm helps victims fight for their rights with a goal of receiving compensation for aspects such as medical expenses and more. For more information on premises liability cases, please visit our personal injury page.

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