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February 2016 Archives

Another product recall issued for vehicles with Takata airbags

Virginians rely on their vehicles to offer protection in the event of an accident or collision. Unfortunately, some Virginians may be finding that their vehicles may not offer the level of protection they had anticipated. General Motors has issued a product recall for approximately 200,000 vehicles in the United States and Canada due to defective air bags.

Our attorneys represent Virginia car and truck accident victims

Most drivers know that when they get behind the wheel of an automobile they must pay attention and drive carefully. There are, however, some negligent motorists on the roads, both truckers and automobile drivers, who do not take proper precautions. Such reckless individuals have the potential to cause dangerous multi-vehicle accidents, as this blog reported in a previous post.

Assistance in navigating a premises liability suit

When a Virginian enters the property of another, there is a reasonable expectation of safety. Unfortunately, this expectation is sometimes violated by unsafe situations such as slippery ice on a sidewalk or an oil spill on a driveway. These types of instances can leave victims with injuries that can severely impact their lives. There are legal options available for those who have been harmed in such ways, however.

Negligent drivers may cause dangerous multi-vehicle accidents

There are many ways a truck accident might occur. Of course it is possible that a commercial truck driver is speeding down a Virginia highway and loses control of his or her truck, or falls asleep at the wheel. While a driver can never fully prepare for such a negligent truck driver, motorists may anticipate these risks when driving near commercial vehicles. What Virginians may not consider, however, is that another negligent vehicle driver might operate his or her vehicle in such a way that ultimately causes a serious multi-vehicle accident.

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