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What should I do after a Virginia car accident?

Knowing how to react after a car accident can be invaluable in Virginia. A sudden and damaging car accident will likely be disconcerting for the persons involved, and it can be helpful to know how to handle the aftermath.

Immediately following an accident, anyone who is injured should seek medical attention. If anyone is injured you should call 911. After calls for emergency medical care have been made, it is important that those involved in an accident are in a safe place, with alerts such as hazard lights or warning flares in place to warn other drivers of the accident. If possible, it is acceptable to move the vehicles to a safe place, though anyone involved in an accident should not leave the scene of the accident before emergency services arrive on the scene.

You should call the police and report the accident. Additional documentation should be obtained through the exchange of information with the other parties involved, such as driver's license number and insurance information. Additionally, a car accident victim should obtain witnesses' contact information, which can be extremely helpful for future negotiations or in the event a lawsuit arises from the accident.

If a person has been injured in an accident or has been the victim of a hit-and-run accident, he or she may also wish to seek legal counsel to discuss his or her rights and available options. A lawyer may be able to help with notifying a victim's insurance carrier, as well as negotiating with an insurance carrier. Furthermore, a lawyer may be able to offer guidance about potential compensation that might be available for a victim following an accident.

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