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Inflatable amusements may be dangerous for Virginia children

Every parent wants his or her child to have a joyful and fun childhood. But parents also want to keep their children safe. Finding the right balance between these two desires can sometimes be hard for Virginia parents when faced with the choice of whether to allow a child to use an inflatable amusement.

Inflatable amusements, commonly known as bounce houses or moon bounces, are often enjoyed at birthday parties or other events where children gather. They are made of flexible fabric and filled with air by a continuously-running blower. Air pressure allows the amusements to maintain their shape. While these products can provide a lot of fun for children, they are also potentially dangerous products.

A report issued by the Consumer Protection Safety Commission studied the use of inflatable amusements over a ten-year period and found that the devices led to a tremendous number of injuries. Over the ten-year period studied, there were approximately 113,272 injuries associated with the use of inflatable amusements that required emergency room treatment. The vast majority of these injuries, over 90 percent, were connected with moon bounces. Most of the injuries occurred in children ages four to 15 and were to the legs and arms. Additionally, the CPSC noted that 12 deaths linked to use of inflatable amusements occurred during the study period.

Inflatable amusements may provide a fun diversion for children, but the evidence from this study suggests that they may also be a dangerous children's toy. If your loved one has been injured in a moon bounce or other inflatable amusement, you may have a product liability cause of action. An attorney may be able to provide guidance regarding your legal options.

Source:, "Estimated Number of Injuries and Reported Deaths Associated with Inflatable Amusements, 2003 - 2013," accessed Dec. 18, 2015

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