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Frank Gifford suffered brain trauma from football, family reports

Football's popularity in Virginia and nationwide may in part be tied to the contact nature of the sport. The game relies on tackles and physical contact. Unfortunately, the physical nature of the game sometimes leads to injuries, including damaging head injuries.

Recently, the family of Hall of Fame football player Frank Gifford has revealed that Mr. Gifford suffered from brain damage stemming from his years as a football player. According to a diagnosis from a team of pathologists, Mr. Gifford suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, in the years prior to his August death at the age of 84.

Interestingly, this condition may only be diagnosed after a patient has died, as doctors must study the brain to determine the occurrence of CTE. Mr. Gifford's family chose to pursue testing to learn more about his traumatic brain injury with the goal of understanding how brain injuries and football may be linked.

According to this recent report, CTE is connected to the occurrence of severe head trauma and multiple concussions. It may result in a person suffering from dementia, anxiety and depression. For Mr. Gifford, this condition affected the former star football player's cognitive skills and his behavior, including effects on his short-term memory.

Mr. Gifford was at the receiving end of a famous severe tackle in a 1960 football game. Following the hit, he remained unconscious on the football field for a period of time, resulting in him missing an entire season of play.

Mr. Gifford's legacy will undoubtedly include his 12 years as a player with the Giants, as well as a popular broadcaster following his retirement from play. Now, his legacy may also be tied to understanding the link between head trauma and the game of football. Victims of a head trauma should understand their situation and what recourses are available to them. If he or she was injured as a result of another party's negligence, that party could be held responsible for their injuries and damages through a personal injury claim.

Source:, "Giants legend Frank Gifford diagnosed with CTE after his death," Michael O'Keeffe, Larry McShane, Nov. 25, 2015

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