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November 2015 Archives

Can a truck driver's blind spot contribute to a truck accident?

It does not take an expert to notice who has the size advantage when a semi truck and a car are in an accident. Virginia car drivers likely know that if they are involved in a semi truck accident they will be at a major disadvantage due to the massive size and weight of large trucks. Unfortunately, the size of trucks also can contribute to accidents occurring in the first place, which is often due to truck driver's blind spots.

Virginia texting and driving convictions on the rise

Virginia residents may have noticed that texting while driving has been receiving more media attention of late. It appears such attention may be for good reason, as the number of convictions in Virginia has skyrocketed in recent years. Since 2013, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles indicates that the convictions for texting and driving have almost quadrupled.

Virginia lawyers aid those harmed by defective products

The range of potentially dangerous products that a Virginian might encounter on a daily basis is alarmingly vast. From products that consumers expect to provide healing benefits, such as prescription drugs, to the transportation they rely on to get them safely to work, essential products can prove harmful to Virginians if they are defective or are labeled with insufficient warnings.

When are vehicle product recalls necessary?

Product recalls of motor vehicles can understandably alarm Virginians who own recalled automobiles. Virginians may wonder how dangerous a defective auto part actually is or are unsure if they should use their vehicles at all. It may be helpful for Virginians to understand why recalls might occur.

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