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Baby slings can pose hazards for Virginia families

For someone so little, a new baby may require a surprisingly large amount of gear. Virginia families who are expecting a baby or who have recently welcomed a baby into the family may feel inundated with the amount of baby gear available on the market. What do they really need? Most importantly, what will keep their baby safe?

One potentially controversial baby product is the baby sling. The baby sling allows a parent or caregiver to hold a baby against his or her body in a cloth sling while remaining hands free. Unfortunately, some baby slings carry the potential for consumer injury due to their design.

Some baby slings may put a baby at risk for suffocation or for falling out of the sling. A newborn who does not have full control of his neck may suffocate if a sling's fabric becomes pressed against his nose and mouth, or if he becomes curled up in the sling and cannot get a proper oxygen supply. If the rings or fasteners that hold a sling together break, a baby could fall out and serious injury or even death could result.

Tragically, in a 20 year period, 14 babies have died while using baby slings and numerous others were injured. These consumer deaths have highlighted the need for cautious use of baby slings. While many believe slings are safe if used with caution, there can be risks. It may be wise to practice the use of a sling before actually putting a baby in a sling for the first time.

If a baby in your care has experienced injury while using a baby sling, you may have a product liability cause of action. Such an action could result in compensation being awarded for the losses and damages suffered by the defective or dangerous product. In these matters, it may be wise to speak with an attorney so victims can make and informed and timely decision.

Source: FindLaw, "Baby Slings and Sling Carriers," accessed Oct. 23, 2015

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