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October 2015 Archives

Baby slings can pose hazards for Virginia families

For someone so little, a new baby may require a surprisingly large amount of gear. Virginia families who are expecting a baby or who have recently welcomed a baby into the family may feel inundated with the amount of baby gear available on the market. What do they really need? Most importantly, what will keep their baby safe?

Football study may help Virginians understand brain injuries

Football is a favorite pastime of many Virginians. From watching college or professional sports at the stadium or on television, to high school homecoming games and Pop Warner leagues, many Virginians grow up with the game. Unfortunately, football can also mean injuries, and for some that play the game, serious brain injuries. A new $3.3 million study, funded by the Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke at the National Institutes of Health, aims to study the effects of head impacts in youth football.

Virginia lawyers advocate for brain injury victims and families

To say a person's brain is an essential organ may be something of an understatement. The brain affects how a Virginian functions and communicates, how he responds to his loved ones, how she thinks about her day. It is imperative to keep one's brain protected and healthy.

How can indoor conditions lead to slip-and-fall accidents?

A person can slip and fall in many locations and under varying conditions, but there are some conditions that may make it more likely that a person will fall. If a person trips and falls on another's property, and the property owner contributed to the likelihood of the accident by failing to correct a tripping hazard or take appropriate steps to prevent an accident, under Virginia law the property owner may bear legal responsibility under the theory of premises liability.

FDA prescription drug recalls protect Virginia patients

Virginians take prescription drugs with the goal of improving their health or easing an ongoing medical problem. They receive a prescription from a doctor specifically intended to improve an ailment and take the drug with the aim that it will help them. What Virginians likely do not count on, however, is that the drug prescribed and received could harm them instead. When it is determined that a drug is unsafe, a prescription drug recall will be issued, and such a recall may ultimately give rise to products liability lawsuits.

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