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Virginia drivers know that they must be alert and cautious on the state's roads. There are many potential hazards and dangers that a driver may encounter, from unexpected weather conditions, to speeding vehicles, to negligent truck drivers. It is impossible to fully prepare for all of these conditions before stepping into your car, and, even out on the road, it is impossible to know if you are on the road with a driver who is suffering from truck driver fatigue or is driving an unsafe truck.

As we discussed in a previous post, there are many state and federal regulations to which semi trucks and their drivers are subject. Other drivers cannot know just by looking at a truck whether the drivers and their employers are in compliance with these regulations. It may not be until an unqualified truck driver cases a multi-vehicle accident that the driver's or truck company's violations come to light.

The attorneys at Surovell Isaacs Petersen & Levy PLC understand the importance of a thorough investigation following a semi truck accident. Such an investigation can determine whether any regulatory violations contributed to the accident. A driver's trucking log can show how long the driver was at the wheel before the crash and whether or not the driver took the required amount of time to rest between driving shifts. A review of maintenance and inspection records can show whether the truck was safe to be on the road.

The attorneys at Surovell Isaacs Petersen & Levy PLC are committed to helping clients recover fair compensation following a truck accident. For additional information about how we can assist victims of truck accidents, please visit our webpage.

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