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September 2015 Archives

What should one expect when a loved one suffers a brain injury?

When a loved one suffers from a brain injury, it can be an emotional and overwhelming time for the injured person's family. Initially, they may feel tremendous relief that their loved one has survived what may have been a near-death experience. But then the reality of the seriousness of their loved one's brain injury may set in, and with it, many questions about what the future holds and how the family will cope with a patient who has suffered an extensive brain injury.

Alleged drunk driver hits, kills pedestrian in Northern Virginia

Humans are not meant to confront a car alone and unprotected. Cars are huge, heavy pieces of equipment that can cause terrific injury to an unprotected person, and for that matter, even a person safely ensconced in a car. Unfortunately, a tragic traffic accident occurred recently when a car collided with an innocent pedestrian. The pedestrian lost her life at the hands of an alleged drunk driver.

Experienced Virginia truck accident law firm

Virginia drivers know that they must be alert and cautious on the state's roads. There are many potential hazards and dangers that a driver may encounter, from unexpected weather conditions, to speeding vehicles, to negligent truck drivers. It is impossible to fully prepare for all of these conditions before stepping into your car, and, even out on the road, it is impossible to know if you are on the road with a driver who is suffering from truck driver fatigue or is driving an unsafe truck.

Employer may be liable if crash due to employee cell phone use

There are many causes of car accidents. From a driver's excessively high speed to faulty brakes, a car accident can stem from a number of different factors, and one particularly common factor these days is cell phone use. A driver may be chatting away on the phone and not have his or her full attention on the task at hand. Such behavior is dangerous and puts other Virginia drivers at risk, often resulting in car accidents.

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