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Virginia attorneys for victims of fireworks injuries

Summer is a time for getting outdoors and enjoying the nice Virginia weather with friends and family. Often this means time at the pool, cookouts and other celebrations. These should be fun, joyous experiences, but, as this blog reported in a previous post, there can be dangers associated with pool use and pool-goers should be aware of essential safety measures.

Another danger that occurs more commonly in the summer months arises due to the use of fireworks. Fireworks can present a great visual show and are often an exciting treat for children and adults alike. But they are also explosives, and therefore potentially dangerous. Despite the excitement surrounding the use of fireworks, every year fatalities and serious injuries result.

If a person is invited onto another's property and there are fireworks present, there is inevitably the potential for injury. A negligent property owner may create hazardous conditions that could injure a visitor. A person may be injured while handling defective fireworks or even when attending a municipal fireworks display, and both of these situations may raise complicated legal questions.

Fortunately, the attorneys of Surovell, Isaacs, Petersen & Levy PLC have experience handling this specialized type of case. From how to pursue a cause of action stemming from a fireworks injury in a private setting, to one that occurs at a public fireworks display, the firm's attorneys know how to navigate the legal processes following a fireworks injury and have successfully obtained the largest Virginia verdict pertaining to the improper use of fireworks. They seek to hold the responsible party, whether a property owner or a manufacturer, accountable for a victim's injuries and obtain compensation for the victim.

For additional information, please visit our firm's webpage about fireworks injuries.

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