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Is it possible to prevent a brain injury?

The idea of preventing a brain injury may seem foreign to many Virginians. Isn't a blow to the head that typically happens in just a split second something that cannot be prevented? Not necessarily, according to the Brain Injury Association of America. There are ways to prevent a possible brain injury.

Making smart transportation choices is always wise when it comes to preventing brain injuries. For example, bike helmets protect the head against possible trauma in the event of an accident. Most bike accidents happen within five blocks of a rider's home and therefore it is essential to always wear a helmet. Additionally, the proper car seat for a child can go a long way toward preventing head injuries. Seatbelts, regulated under Virginia law, also help protect people against injury if involved in a car accident.

Activities that pose a risk of injury to the head should be undertaken with care. Helmets during particularly active sports, such as skateboarding, horseback riding and other extreme sports that may pose a risk of fall, can protect the head from trauma. Likewise, contact sports may lead to concussions, a common type of brain trauma. Ensuring that a coach is aware of how to grade a possible concussion in a player and when to remove that player from an activity is essential to prevent symptoms from worsening.

The leading cause of brain injuries across all ages is from falls. Being wary of surfaces upon which you walk can also prevent possible future injuries.

Unfortunately, despite these welcome tips, it is not always possible to prevent a brain injury, particularly when it occurs due to another's negligence. If you or a loved one have been the victim of a head injury due to another person's actions, you may have a legal cause of action. An attorney familiar with the opportunities for legal recovery in Virginia can provide assistance.

Source: Brain Injury Association of Virginia, "Brain Injury Prevention," accessed June 26, 2015

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